Monday, January 14, 2013

Learning the Language

 Our two year old talks more and more each day. He knows so many words now that we can no longer keep a running list of his vocabulary in our heads. He is constantly surprising us with his observations, remarks and demands.  As we drove through a neighborhood with large open yards he informed us that , "They have a big grass." We use the term "like a big boy" to encourage good behavior. As in, "Flush the potty like a big boy." He uses it to describe whatever he is doing, "I found your car like a big boy." "I can watch TV like a big boy. " " I can splash like a big boy!" He also picked up on the word help really quickly and every once in awhile we get a request that sounds like this, "You wanna help me get some ice cream?" It blows my mind how quickly he is learning and able to use new words. If we explain some thing new to him he says, "oh" and then repeats what we said. Within five minutes he is using that new word or phrase on his own. Our baby girl is five months old, so all we get out of her are baby sqawks. She sounds like a little dinosaur and we love hearing her.

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