Friday, July 26, 2013

Fabulous Five Friday Update

  1. This week I am grateful for- My little bit of vacation time. My summer has been jam packed with  summer school, workshops, institutes, and training's. This past week was the first one I was able to spend at home with my two little ones. We have had a blast playing, enjoying each others company and ignoring most household chores. Basically we have been having a staycation which is fun and cheap.
  2. This week I enjoyed- turning my backyard into a water park. The kiddie pool, water hose, and backyard slide offered exciting and hilarious relief from the heat.  My children love the water and their giggles are so contagious. 
  3. This week I learned-  How hard it is to be a woman in other parts of the world. I have been reading Half the Sky, a very well written book about ways in which women are still oppressed around the world and what type of programs help them. It is a very graphic book and I can only read a little bit at a time before I start crying and wanting to adopt all of the little girls in the world. but I am plowing through. We cannot make the world a better place until we face the realities of what holds us back.
  4. This week I accomplished - pretty much nothing and it was flipping fabulous.
  5. I am looking forward to -  finding our next home. We have been house hunting for a few weeks, made offers on two homes and didn't get either one. Am I disappointed? Yes, very much so, but I know that means the right place is still out there waiting for us to find it. Right now most of our evenings consist of doing a drive by on different homes to see where they are located and if we want our realtor to schedule a showing. My son told us the other evening he likes falling asleep in the car. I am ready to start packing.  
I totally swiped the idea for todays post form upward not inward, but I had to because I just love it. I think their five question questionnaire is an excellent exercise in self reflection. You can do it too! You can also check out How the ladies at upward not inward answered their questionnaire by going to their site here. What is going on in your world this week? You can share your own reflections there or in the comments here. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Take care,

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yummy! Yummy! Guest Post!

Hello Readers,
  If you have been reading Rendered & renewed for a while you will know that I am not always the queen in the kitchen that I imagine myself to be. Today we have a guest post from Angela Gilmore. She blogs on Working on/Working Mom,  a great Mom blog if you have a chance to read her. 

How I plan a Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner

I almost always start my meal planning with either a vegetable or carbohydrate in mind and then I build out from there. Try to get a protein and a veggie in each meal with an optional carbohydrate and meal planning will be a snap every time!

 Here are some examples:
• Spaghetti (carb) with soy meatballs (protein) and a side of roasted cauliflower (veggie)
• Soy ravioli (carb and protein) with a mixed green salad (veggie)
• Brown rice (carb)  with veggie stir fry (veggie) and tofu (protein)
• Pasta e fagioli (carb and protein) with a side of broccoli (veggie)
• Ziti (carb) with tomato sauce and a side of cannellini beans, green beans and cheese (protein and veggie)
• Veggie burger (protein) on a whole wheat bun (carbs) and a side of green beans (veggies)

Finding ways to match carbs, veggies, and protein makes creating meals super easy. Here is a 
list of go-to ingredients that I always have on hand:

• Pasta of all varieties (whole wheat when possible) – spaghetti, ziti, shells, rice pasta
• Brown or basmati rice
• Potatoes such as sweet or white
• Hamburger or hot dog buns

• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Spinach
• Green beans
• Salad greens
• Mixed frozen veggies
• Peas and corn

• Beans – all kinds (canned and dried)
• Tofu
• Veggie burger
• Soy products like ravioli, edamame, and hot dogs

When you break your meals down into these simple components it makes going out to dinner easier as well. For example, If you want to get pizza get it with veggies, if you get a salad ask to add chick peas, if you are going out for Italian and you just want a big bowl of pasta ask to add beans and veggies on the side. 

If you can’t get a protein and veggie into each meal, or you know you are going out for dinner and want to splurge, load up on your protein and veggies during lunch. One of my favorite things to eat for lunch is a huge salad full of greens and beans. 

Vegetarian and vegan eating can be super easy and healthy; just keep you favorites on hand and mix and match!

Angela Gilmore

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes......

I know I am naturally resistant to change. I remember as a child my Mom telling me that, "just because you don't like change isn't going to stop it from happening." So, I plan. If I know change is going to happen I will carefully research all of the options and proceed with caution. I have to prepare myself mentally, cover all my bases and when I feel I can anticipate the outcome, then I can embrace whatever is going to happen. Childbirth was certainly was of those major life changes that I planned for. Recently a friend and I were comparing the school year to childbirth. There is anticipation and preparation before the students get there. The hard work, stress and pressure of the school year could be compared to drawn out labor pains. Summer the final relief of the labor. Top that off with Graduation seeing our students go off into the world to make their way. The school year, spanning from fall of one calendar year to the summer of the next, is a mental and emotional roller coaster. The school year has come to a close. Summer school has finally ended. As much as I need this break, I have not been able to unwind, shift gears, adapt to the change. I have been frantically making to-do lists, telling myself that summer is fleeting and is never long enough to get things done. I know that in a week or so I will adjust and be able to unwind. In the meantime I feel like the most ridiculous person ever. What teacher can't immediately enjoy summer vacation? How do you adjust to change?

Take care,

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