Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yummy! Yummy! Guest Post!

Hello Readers,
  If you have been reading Rendered & renewed for a while you will know that I am not always the queen in the kitchen that I imagine myself to be. Today we have a guest post from Angela Gilmore. She blogs on Working on/Working Mom,  a great Mom blog if you have a chance to read her. 

How I plan a Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner

I almost always start my meal planning with either a vegetable or carbohydrate in mind and then I build out from there. Try to get a protein and a veggie in each meal with an optional carbohydrate and meal planning will be a snap every time!

 Here are some examples:
• Spaghetti (carb) with soy meatballs (protein) and a side of roasted cauliflower (veggie)
• Soy ravioli (carb and protein) with a mixed green salad (veggie)
• Brown rice (carb)  with veggie stir fry (veggie) and tofu (protein)
• Pasta e fagioli (carb and protein) with a side of broccoli (veggie)
• Ziti (carb) with tomato sauce and a side of cannellini beans, green beans and cheese (protein and veggie)
• Veggie burger (protein) on a whole wheat bun (carbs) and a side of green beans (veggies)

Finding ways to match carbs, veggies, and protein makes creating meals super easy. Here is a 
list of go-to ingredients that I always have on hand:

• Pasta of all varieties (whole wheat when possible) – spaghetti, ziti, shells, rice pasta
• Brown or basmati rice
• Potatoes such as sweet or white
• Hamburger or hot dog buns

• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Spinach
• Green beans
• Salad greens
• Mixed frozen veggies
• Peas and corn

• Beans – all kinds (canned and dried)
• Tofu
• Veggie burger
• Soy products like ravioli, edamame, and hot dogs

When you break your meals down into these simple components it makes going out to dinner easier as well. For example, If you want to get pizza get it with veggies, if you get a salad ask to add chick peas, if you are going out for Italian and you just want a big bowl of pasta ask to add beans and veggies on the side. 

If you can’t get a protein and veggie into each meal, or you know you are going out for dinner and want to splurge, load up on your protein and veggies during lunch. One of my favorite things to eat for lunch is a huge salad full of greens and beans. 

Vegetarian and vegan eating can be super easy and healthy; just keep you favorites on hand and mix and match!

Angela Gilmore

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  1. Thank you for the guest post opportunity! I'm going to share this around!

  2. Great tips Angela! Veggie loaded pizza is my favorite!

  3. No problem Angela, thank you for sharing the helpful ideas. Lord knows I need all the help in the kitchen I can get. One of my perpetual goals is to get more of a meal plan going on, and this is a great start.


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