Monday, July 1, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes......

I know I am naturally resistant to change. I remember as a child my Mom telling me that, "just because you don't like change isn't going to stop it from happening." So, I plan. If I know change is going to happen I will carefully research all of the options and proceed with caution. I have to prepare myself mentally, cover all my bases and when I feel I can anticipate the outcome, then I can embrace whatever is going to happen. Childbirth was certainly was of those major life changes that I planned for. Recently a friend and I were comparing the school year to childbirth. There is anticipation and preparation before the students get there. The hard work, stress and pressure of the school year could be compared to drawn out labor pains. Summer the final relief of the labor. Top that off with Graduation seeing our students go off into the world to make their way. The school year, spanning from fall of one calendar year to the summer of the next, is a mental and emotional roller coaster. The school year has come to a close. Summer school has finally ended. As much as I need this break, I have not been able to unwind, shift gears, adapt to the change. I have been frantically making to-do lists, telling myself that summer is fleeting and is never long enough to get things done. I know that in a week or so I will adjust and be able to unwind. In the meantime I feel like the most ridiculous person ever. What teacher can't immediately enjoy summer vacation? How do you adjust to change?

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  1. I work in a corporate office and we all talk about how wonderful it would be to get summers off. I just finished my Master's in Education and I am really hoping to get into something more geared towards education. I'm not certified though so I'm limited in my choices.

    I'm with you as well, not the best with change.


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