Friday, June 21, 2013

Fab Five Friday Round 2!

Here we go again. I was worn out last weekend trying to meet the demanding requirements for that dang Leibster Award. This past week I have been busy with work and domestic duties, so now the chance to unclutter my mind with the fab five. Remember, I totally swiped the idea for this post from upward not inward, but I had to because I just love it. I think their five question questionnaire is an excellent exercise in self reflection. You can do it too!
  1. This week I am grateful for-  My Mom's talents on the organic farm she operates with  my Stepdad. They sent us a big box full of awesome goodies and our bellies couldn't be happier. We are talking about homemade pickles, jelly, bread, and honey from their own bee hives. They sent us loads of fresh veggies and inspired me to cook from scratch one night.
  2. This week I enjoyed- My children. Just hugging those tiny people somehow has the magical power to make any day fantastic. I might be a little weird, but I love the way my tiny tots smell. Not to mention the way they crack me up when they play together.
  3. This week I learned- That my strengths are Creativity and Caregiver. You can find your strengths by taking the online quiz at  Just scroll down until you see the pink box. I am reading the book right now. I was skeptical at first, but now I am totally into it and a believer.
  4. This week I accomplished- Creating a new dinner from scratch! I was inspired by the fresh veggies my Mom sent (see question 1) and the picture on the box of linguine. We had warm pasta with fresh chopped tomato, fresh basil, a dash of garlic salt, italian dressing and olive oil. We also had garlic bread that I made with slices of the homemade stuff my Mom sent. It was a party in my tummy and I think everyone else enjoyed it too. 
  5. I am looking forward to - My son's soccer practice tonight. He is just so cute in his jersey. It is adorable watching three year olds trying to stop a goal. So Proud :)
You can check out how the ladies at upward not inward answered their questionnaire by going to their site here. What is going on in your world this week? You can share your own reflections there or in the comments here. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Take care,

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  1. Yay for creating a new dinner from scratch. I took the test... no surprise, I'm a caregiver teacher.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I was surprised that my results didn't say teacher because I love teaching and education so much. One of my favorite parts of teaching is creating new lessons and ways to engage the students, so creativity makes sense.
      Take care

  2. So exciting you do this with us!!! Love it!!! Gonna have to see what that test says about me. Those are always interesting. Three year olds in jerseys? How adorable!! Have a great weekend, honey!!

  3. Hi Falen,
    Thanks for reading and thank you for the inspiring fab five.
    Take care


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