Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sick Days

  I'm out of them. The state I live in dumps whatever days you have accumulated when you use FMLA. Being on maternity leave earlier this year means that I don't get to be the one that gets to stay home when one of the little one's is sick. Working Mom guilt to the max. Not doing to hot on giving up on the TV for lent. Tried to make loopholes by telling myself that Netflix isn't TV, but it is. Anyway, here is something decent that I did do, even though it was months ago. This is our nursery.
copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013
The reading and rocking corner. The two hampers on the changing table sit on the floor usually. 
copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013
Little dude figured out how to get in there with her pretty quickly. Gotta watch that boy close.

copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013
Here you can see more of the feature wall. I love hearing our son say, "That my octopus."

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