Saturday, March 2, 2013

Word up

copywrite Mrs.PJ
My latest word wall.

           I used some old material I found about Africa to create a two part lesson on economic activities there.  The first part is a card sort.  Put up signs around the room labeled Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary.  Give each student a card and have them figure out where it goes. Afterword you can have a class discussion about why there are no Quaternary activities. You can get the cards here,  African Economic Activities.          You could make several copies of the cards and use them in small groups instead of whole class. After the card sort you can continue the lesson by having students complete this handout, African Economic Notes.          I also have a standard interactive activity that I use with my word walls. It is a graphic organizer that students complete as a throw down lesson whenever needed. You can get that here, Geoterms Graphic Organizer. To use it your students need to be familiar with the five themes of geography, Movement, Regions, Human Environment Interaction, Location and Place. You can see by how I set up my word wall I kind of help my students out with that.

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