Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Put a little hop into your Spring Break step!

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           Spring Break is in full swing which means time for family fun!  My little ones are really little, so I like to encourage inquiry based play, which basically looks like me asking them a lot of questions. I like to think that being a teacher makes me kind of good at that. Do you want to play with the sidewalk chalk? Do you want to help me make a hopscotch? Then, because squares are a little, well square..... What shape should we make our hopscotch out of? How many numbers should we put in our hopscotch? Can we count them together? What can we make this into? Our circles turned into a caterpillar, but you could use rectangles to make a skyscraper or flowers to make a garden. Should we hop on one foot or two? which number should we hop over? Can you hop backwards? Go outside, play and have fun.
          One more thing, you might have noticed that I added something new to the left hand column of my blog. It is a link to one of my favorite web directories, Top Mommy Blogs . If you like what you read here, then I suggest you check them out too. They have some awesome mommas chronicling the highlights and challenges of motherhood. I spend way too much time randomly reading blogs over there, so I thought I would share that you can enjoy them too. 
copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013

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  1. That looks like fun! Thanks for linking up with TALU. I'll go check out out the top mommy blogs.


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