Friday, March 15, 2013

Nursing update

   In a previous post, Mommy you feed the baby?, I wrote about how we were having nursing issues due to illness. Little Miss. PJ had a decreased appetite because of an ear infection and I had decreased production because of a sinus infection. We are doing much better now, but we have a whole new issue now. Previously she was sleeping from around 9pm until 4am which was pretty awesome. When we got sick she started nursing around the clock to make up for the measly amount she was getting. I think it comforted her to be back in bed with us when she wasn't feeling well. Well now she is feeling better and is super busy during the day. You know, baby stuff, rolling, trying to sit up, scooting after her brother, putting everything in her mouth except food. I can't get her to latch during the day. Literally she only latched on once yesterday to nurse. Then about two hours after she went to bed she was fussing for it and ended up in bed with us nursing all night. It is comforting to know that she is getting enough to drink, it is just not at the most convenient time. Every time she want's to switch sides she wakes me up by slapping my face with her little baby hand. Hopefully we will get back to a better schedule soon, but for the time being I'm thankful that she is still nursing and getting enough.
Take care,
Mrs. PJ
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