Thursday, May 2, 2013


      This Saturday marks nine months since our little girl was born. That means she has been out of the belly longer than she was in. Already. Really. She is standing on her own and will be taking her first steps any day now. Already. She is eating squishy food and trying to talk. She recognizes her name, is doing a super fast crawl and is chasing all of us around the house. Already. She has outgrown the baby whale tub and is bathing in the big tub (in about three inches of water). Already. She loves it and I can tell she will be outgrowing her rear facing car seat soon. Already.
     They say time flies when you are having fun. They aren't kidding. Days and months disappear so quickly that I find myself writing the wrong date more and more. It is not just the little girl. Our son is telling us stories about his day and pretending to read his books. He wants to help with dishes and laundry and dinner. This year is just disappearing so fast. It is almost the end of the school year already. It is almost the weekend already. Wait, it is almost 10:00pm already. Good God where does the time go?

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  1. Happy nine months!

    I find that children are visible reminders of the passing of time. Before children time passed without much awareness of it... but with little ones who are constantly learning, growing and changing, I am constantly reminded of time and just how quickly it passes by.

    Embrace and enjoy every moment with your "babies".



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