Saturday, April 27, 2013

How my son plays house.

copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013- FOREVER
Mommy Tractor with her little baby lawn mower(?) and baby dump truck.
steam roller: Oh Mommy you are so big and yellow.
Mommy Tractor: Little lawn mower, you are sooo cute. I love you. And I love you my little baby dump truck.
dump truck: Mommy you have big wheels and you have four wheels.
Mommy Tractor: Get into my big hand baby dump truck. Get in too sister lawn mower. I can pick you up with my big hand and hug you.
dump truck: Aww Mommy, you put us in your big hand and take us for a walk?
Mommy Tractor: Yes baby we will go outside.

This conversation was voiced entirely by my three year old son while I was putting up laundry in his room. I just had to share this.

Take care,
 Mrs. PJ

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  1. OMG this is so wonderful! I think when Jack is old enough to play house it will be mostly with Superman and Spider-man.

  2. Such a lovely conversation reflecting the loving relationship you obviously have with your children.

    So very sweet - thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you,

    Vashti Q


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