Sunday, April 21, 2013


1. Starting with the youngest, our  eight month old baby girl is crawling with her belly off of the floor. She is also pulling up and walking along while holding to furniture. Yesterday she pulled herself up to standing using my leg and then she let go and was standing on her own! So exciting.
2. Our son has been voluntarily brushing his teeth and sitting on the real toilet to poop. I mean without us prompting or nagging, he is getting excited about personal hygiene. This might have something to do with the fact that he has figured out how to make "snakes" with his toothpaste and likes flushing toilet paper. Hey, it doesn't matter what his motivation is, he is doing it. So proud.

copywrite Mrs. PJ 2013-FOREVER
That was a new roll five minutes ago.
3. The school district I work for has hired me to work on two curriculum projects. I feel honored that I was selected, plus it will help me recoup some of the money I lost when I took a three month maternity leave. Then on Friday my Assistant Principle and the Lead Principle gave me high praise for a study guide I created. So nerdy, I know.
4. Mr. PJ is making mad progress on the car he is rebuilding in the garage. A few weeks ago it just looked like an empty frame with a couple hundred parts laying around. Now it is starting to look like it might run again one day. So impressive.

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