Saturday, April 13, 2013

You know you share your bathroom with a toddler when ..........

... you get the play by play on the laundry, "The dirty laundry was this big and now it is this big." He tells me this with his hands clearly exaggerating how tall our laundry pile is.
... every beauty and hygiene product you leave out on the counter gets stacked into a carefully balanced "mountain". matter how hard you scrub the toilet, how long you burn a candle or how much disinfectant you spray, it always smells like someone just peed on the floor.
... the toilet paper roll (that you just replaced) looks like someone unwound the entire roll and then carelessly rolled it back on, creating a giant toilet paper wad that barely turns, because someone did.
... you emerge from a nice warm relaxing shower to be greeted with the double whammy of a tiny ice cold hand slapping you on the bum and then jabbing you in the bely button.

I might need to start locking the door,
Mrs. PJ

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1 comment:

  1. So funny!

    I completely identify! The bathroom is not a sacred place in our house (unfortunately).

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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