Sunday, May 12, 2013

You know you are grocery shopping with a toddler when......

- You speed through the parking lot to flag down a bag boy collecting carts, screaming out the window, 'Hey, excuse me sir! I will take that cart! Yes that cart right there." Which cart could be so special?
Yep, that's the one.

- Your trip is slowed down by random, well meaning people who have to come introduce themselves to your kids and try to initiate a conversation with your three year old. Yes he likes to help shop. No he will not be the one making dinner, but he can help. No we will not be stocking up on cookies, and I don't appreciate you telling my kid this is where cookies come from. Thanks.

- You can barely navigate your extended cab car cart around the store because it is so crowded. That is until you accidently knock over an entire display of air fresheners, then everyone else disappears. The toddler declares, "You made a big mess Mommy!" After being  momentarily frozen in shock / embarrassment you decide to have a contest to see who can pick it up the fastest. I swear there was 100 cans of aerosol spray and 75 car fresheners on the floor. 

- You have to explain to the cashier why you have items in our cart that you did not pick up. They are there because your helper helped himself to a few cans of ravioli and surprise surprise, cookies. 

- You are physically exhausted after pushing a jumbo car cart loaded down with groceries all over the store and through the parking lot. You happened to be wearing the baby, so that is another 18lbs of wight lifting. By the time you get home you just want a nap, but you still have to put up all of the groceries. 

-You kind of wish your grocery store offered a service where you could just shop online and have every thing delivered.

Happy shopping,

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  1. We just did our grocery shopping this morning and we got the car cart!!! There's only two for the entire store... so it's a big deal when we get it!

    I always feel like I've gotten a huge arm workout when I've been pushing that cart around the store (turning corners takes a lot of muscle)!

    Laughed and nodded along to this post. Thanks so much.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! I've had that all happen before. Those carts are so huge, it's like navigating a small boat haha

    Hope you had a great mothers day yesterday!


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