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Guest Post: Five Top Tips for Family Vacations

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Today's post is written by travel expert and mother of three Kendra Thornton. You can read about here on the Guest Contributers Page. My family still has several weeks before we travel anywhere for Summer, but I know many people will be traveling soon. Anyone who has ever traveled with kids in tow knows there can be many challenges, so Kendra's post comes at the perfect time. Enjoy and feel free to share your own travel ideas/tips/stories in the comments section.

It’s summertime and we all know what that means: time for a family vacation. Trips with the kids can be the perfect time to bond and enjoy one another. As a travel advocate and enthusiast, I have been fortunate enough to continue traveling with my family. The best times we’ve had have been those I’ve taken the time beforehand to plan for success.

Tip 1: Find a truly family-friendly hotel

When looking for a family-friendly hotel, don’t just take the hotel’s word for it. Be sure the accommodations have amenities your family needs in order to enjoy their stay. Look for a hotel that provides in-room refrigerators to store leftovers and kid-friendly snacks. This is essential for small ones who require bottles. See if you can find a hotel that has a playground or other play area for young children to enjoy. Also, take a look at customer reviews to learn if the hotel’s claims are true. My family found a great family friendly resort in Oahu by reading through other families reviews of the top hotels in Honolulu.

Tip 2: Preparing for Fourth-of-July celebrations

Many families choose to go on vacation over Independence Day. If you are planning such a trip, consider fireworks displays when you book your hotel room. Watching local displays from a hotel balcony provides a safer, more kid-friendly option than celebrating amid the crowds and close to the hot embers. When booking your hotel, check to see if you can get a room with a good view of the fireworks display. In addition to safe viewing, you will be able to balance different interests and bedtimes seamlessly.

Tip 3: Help everyone enjoy themselves more by sticking to a routine

Both adults and children find comfort in routine. For young children who are used to regular meal and snack times as well as naps, a break in routine can be extremely stressful. While on vacation, don’t neglect regular naptimes and meals. It may take a little extra planning, but your kids will be much less fussy when these needs are addressed in a timely fashion.

Tip 4: Carry a backpack

You’ll find hundreds of trendy travel bags that you can purchase for your trip. I have found, however, that a backpack meets my needs best. A good, ergonomic bag will allow you to carry more without being encumbered by the weight. Also, most backpacks offer plenty of carry space as well as multiple pockets for organizing everything you need. Plus your hands will be free! Everlane offers some trendy ones or try your local sporting goods store for a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

Tip 5: Remember to bring a few plastic bags

You probably won’t forget the big things you need to pack. You’ll bring clean outfits and underwear. You’ll remember everyone’s toothbrush. But don’t forget to stash a few extra plastic bags in your luggage. These come in handy when someone has an accident, the kids can’t resist a last-minute dip in the pool before leave or you just need to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

Vacation is a time for fun and relaxation. Use these tips for the most success possible.

Thanks for the tips Kendra! I think my favorite is the plastic bag tip. We go through a lot of the sandwich and gallon slide top bags in our household. The small ones make the perfect holder for baby wipes, so everyone can carry their own in their bag. Also the backpack tip works for little ones as well. As soon as our son was big enough to walk we got him a backpack so he could carry his own diapering supplies. He loves it. What makes traveling with little ones easier for you? 

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  1. I think that the most most important thing is focus on the hotel we will stay. I really love my vacations in Costa Rica because we (my wife and two sons) stayed in a hotel with a nature reserve, beach walking distance ,spa, playground for children, surfing academy close and much more. That's why my children never got bored and my wife and I enjoy like a second honeymoon ;)


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