Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

      copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013Happy Easter Weekend!

Just wanted to share some of the egg dying fun we had yesterday.copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013

copywrite Mrs.PJ 2013 - FOREVER
Most of our eggs ended up with little dents in them, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

     Our school district gave us Good Friday off and I am totally enjoying the three day weekend.  Mr. PJ only had to work a half a day so he got to help dye eggs. We always eat dinner together, but yesterday was special. We had crawfish and deviled eggs. I totally cheated and picked up the crawfish from a local restaurant, but we made the deviled eggs. Little Mr.PJ had chicken tenders because he wasn't sure about eating "those crab things".  Little Miss. PJ had a jar of organic baby food of course. It was a nice dinner. I am looking forward to the Easter service tomorrow. Actually, I am really excited about getting to watch all of the little kiddo's hunt eggs. 
     Yesterday also brought some potentially good news. I heard a rumor that the high school close to my house (really close to my house) might be hiring a Geography teacher next year. This roumor was from a pretty reliable source that knows I want to work there. Currently I have about half an hour commute to work. In the afternoons that drive can turn into forty-five minutes. I love the school where I am at, but I would really love to be closer to home. If a spot does open up I am definitely going to apply for it. Then I am going to pray that God puts me where I need to be, because I know that sometimes what we want isn't always what God wants for us.  Have a happy Easter!

Take care,
 Mrs. PJ

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